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  • Are you Organic and Grass Fed?
    We are not organic. Organic milk comes from cows that consume organic feed, and are not treated with prescription drugs. If our cows get sick, we use antibiotics (only when needed) to treat their illness. As a result of using antibiotics, we are prohibited from using the word "organic" or to be certified as organic for our products. PLEASE NOTE: We do not produce or sell the milk while the cows are being treated with antibiotics. We can not be called "grass fed". Grass fed animals do not eat grains and require "exceptional hay." We use grains as a part of the cow's feed and do not have the capacity to produce our own hay. Holstein cows produce an average of 6 to 10 gallons of milk per day and the energy they use to produce that amount of milk requires the use of grains and a lot of hay to maintain their health. We do provide the best hay possible and refrain from using any traditional fermented feed that larger farms frequently use.
  • How can I purchase your products?
    Our products are available in a few local stores. Georgia Market,Georgia, VT Essex Discount Beverage,Essex, VT You can order on line for delivery (see delivery options). We are also regulars at the Burlington Farmer's Market and orders can be picked up at the Market. You can order on line for direct farm pick up,
  • Do you deliver?
    We deliver in Milton, VT, where we are located, and have recently extended deliveries to Burlington, Colchester and Winooski.
  • What does full-fat, non-homogenization mean?"
    Homogenization is the process of taking the fat or cream from the milk and then putting it thru a sieve making microscopic fat particles which is then added back to the milk products. Full Fat means the fats have not been altered and are still in their natural state. Full Fat dairy products do not need to be "fortified" which means adding vitamins A and D back into the milk.
  • Are the fats in the milk bad for you?
    There is still a debate going on concerning the fats in milk and whether they are, or are not, healthy for you. Recent studies are showing that the fats in milk may be beneficial. We believe consuming food in its natural state, in moderation, is the better choice.
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